Our story

Since 1963, three different generations have built, developed, sustained, and evolved NELKIN-PARIS throughout decades, always to assure you tailored services for a lasting relationship

The roots

nelkin 1963

Mr. Nelkin and Mr. Léon built the institutions of Nelkin in the historical heart of Paris (still now, our workshops occupy these premises filled with fashion histories).

The firm is growing fast and quickly recognized for its designs and manufactures, mainly for the feminine ready-to-wear.

1963 to 2005

Private Label & International

team nelkin

Monique and Mac Chétrit take over the firm bringing their expertise on materials acquired during their experience of over 20 years of fabric trading and their international experience. Monique and Mac develop the private label and international by facing customers' demands and taking strength from their skills.

2005 to 2021

Digitalization and multiservices offering


Shafia and Marc Baranger take over this flourishing firm, liven by their willingness to promote Made In France at a competitive price and respect the environment. Taking strengths from their respective experiences, with Shafia fashion designer and Marc managing director, they aim to democratize the Made In France and digitalize the business in international groups.

On the strength of the French industrial of Nelkin Paris and their visions, they propose new services, primarily uniforms.

De 2021 to now