CSR Approach

Our CSR Approach

Since its creation in 1963, Nelkin-Paris has always had the will to positively impact the planet by making all our products locally in France (Paris) and by only producing the required quantities.

We wish to contribute in this way to a world better and more harmonious with the availability of products that are respectful to humans and the environment.

We are convinced that our daily acts and our projects have impacts on the planet and future generations.

The Definition:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is « the responsibility of an organization towards the impacts of its decisions and activities on the society and the investment reflected by an ethical and transparent behavior » Norms ISO 26000, 2010.


Social Responsibility is about the firm's relations with its external « stakeholders » (consumers, suppliers, retailers, and partners, …).

Social Responsibility relates to the firm's relations and employees (human development, diversity, social mix, organization, working conditions).

Environmental Responsibility is about the impacts on the environment related to the firm's activities (energy, manufacture, packing materials, transports, buildings).

The seven pillars of CSR :

Deploying a CSR approach in its enterprise is thus improving its overall performance while having economic development respecting the environment, accompanying the social progress, and including its territory. This approach is built around seven pillars:

The governance of the organization

The working relations and conditions

The Environment

The fair trade practices

The questions related to the consumers

The communities and the local development

Our Actions:

Contributing to a world more respectful to humans and its environment by making quality products made in France and available to all is at the origin of the CSR approach of Nelkin-Paris. This faith has brought us and continues to guide us to lead environmental, social, and societal actions concretely in combination with our five values.

Made in France

Made in France

Our style agency and our workshop are located in the very center of Paris. We design and manufacture all our products locally in France 🇫🇷, decreasing our carbon footprint by significantly minimizing CO2 emissions considerably.


The term “slow fashion” refers to clothing lines designed to align fashion, quality, and the possibility of conservation by the buyer, for a minimum of one season to another. In opposition to “fast fashion,” slow fashion positions itself as well as with the showcase of raw materials, production techniques, supply in respect with the environment and socially responsible working conditions.

We also favor producing only necessary quantities. In order to avoid overproduction and wastage, we produce small series and/or restocking in alignment with clients’ demands


From the outset, we lead a premium quality policy by targeting excellence. Quality guides us daily, from the design to the shipping through selecting the materials and the manufacturing. This quality significantly increases the durability of our products as well as the positive impact on our environment by reducing our overconsumption.

Moreover, our products are eco-maintaining garments: because the selected fabrics allow easy maintenance and low energy consumption (very short wash, fast natural drying, and no ironing).


Our models are made to last. As we only produce necessary quantities, we can propose products at a fair price permanently. That is why our sales become out-of-stock very fast.

Proud and convinced of Made in France, we always engaged ourselves to make our products accessible to all by proposing the best value for money.


Our highly active organization allows us to guarantee a proximity relation and fidelity with all of our stakeholders and social partners.  We deploy our energy and motivation for the pleasure of good quality work satisfying our clients’ demands.